October 4, 2023

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Apple announces the Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra, starting at $6,999

It’s finally happening. apple Restore Mac Pro With new chips designed for 2023. It’s the first big update to the Mac Pro in four years, and it completes Apple’s move to Arm-powered silicon. The new Mac Pro model will be available starting next week for $6,999.

The new Mac Pro looks similar to the old Intel version with a cheesy-gratered metal front, but there are some major changes inside. The Mac Pro will come with Apple’s M2 Ultra chip, plus six open PCIe Gen 4 expansion slots, and offer eight onboard Thunderbolt ports. It can be configured with up to 76 GPU cores and 192GB of memory. With a fully specified model, Apple says it can be up to three times faster than the old Intel version.

M2 Mac Pro shown from the side, casing removed
Image: Apple

Along with the updated Mac Studio, the new Mac Pro introduces the new M2 Ultra chip. Two M2 Max are connected with Apple’s Ultra Fusion technology, with a 24-core CPU and up to 76 GPU cores that are 30 percent faster than the M1 Ultra. The chip is built on a 5nm process; Doubles the memory bandwidth of the M2 Max, up to 800GB/s, and supports 50 percent more memory than the M1 Ultra. The CPU is supposed to be up to 20 percent faster than the M1 Ultra.

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