June 16, 2024

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The Xbox Showcase will not contain “full CGI trailers” for first-party games

The Xbox Showcase will not contain “full CGI trailers” for first-party games

On Twitter, Microsoft’s Vice President of Xbox Game Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, proudly confirmed that there will be no “full CGI trailers” used to market first-party games during the Xbox Showcase on June 11.

In a tweet, Greenberg explained that everything featured in the Xbox Showcase (from a first-party perspective) will consist entirely of “Either in-game footage, in-engine footage, or in-game footage with some cinematics.”

It’s real! that it TRUE!

This wave of confirmation immediately ignited a fire in the hype train, with He dated Aaron Greenberg That everything we see in the Xbox Showcase from first-party developers is (more or less) exactly what we’re going to get. It’s kind of a break with the trend that sees developers drop trailers that are pure CG, which often set unrealistic expectations for projects – and have done so for years.

Of course, this in-game and in-engine content is expected to be captured on high-end PCs, but that’s another discussion.

Greenberg confirmed The Xbox Game Show is eliminating the “12-month rule” that was detailed during the last event. During its 2022 showcase, Xbox promised that almost all of the games shown at the event would launch within 12 months. From that point on, very few games were launched within that window.

The Xbox Games Showcase is set for June 11th, and Starfield Direct will take place right after that.

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