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Apple’s massive MacBook Pro fails

Apple’s massive MacBook Pro fails

Updated January 15th: Article published January 14th:

it’s a Not a great time to buy a MacBook Pro. Reliable and naturally linkable, Apple has forced professional macOS laptops into a state of flux, disable their own market. What happened to Tim Cook’s flagship lineup?

Update: Sunday, January 14th. Mark Gorman highlights One of the biggest issues with Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pros. The addition of a touch screen in upcoming models will mean that Apple has been at it for more than a decade trying to explain why the Mac platform ignored the existence and usefulness of touch screens:

“…mocked companies like Microsoft Corp. for mixing laptops with tablets, introduced devices like the Touch Bar, insisted that macOS wouldn’t offer a good touch experience, and decried the approach as “practically terrible.” “:”

As Apple brings apps from different operating systems closer together — particularly iPadOS apps to macOS — that stubborn approach must change, not least because using touch-enabled apps on any of the current macOS devices is uncomfortable at best and painful on many. from other cases.

But that’s not the only problem holding back lagging Macs.

Where are the next generation MacBook Pro laptops? The community has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of M2 Pro and M2 Max powered laptops during the last quarter of 2022. Apple failed to launch any new Mac in the last quarter of the yearwhich is the first time it has not reached this milestone in more than two decades.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro, as previously discussed, is Slightly more than an entry-level MacBook Air with an active cooling fan to boost performance a bit. For many, myself included, this isn’t what you’d expect from a professional-grade MacBook Pro.

Not arriving in 2022 doubled by Reports of further delays in 2023 With laptops not expected to be announced before summer, no doubt with further delays before they go on sale.

It is unlikely that there will be a significant increase in performance? The move from Intel to Apple Silicon resulted in an immediate jump in power and capabilities, but the jump from Apple Silicon M1 to M2 chips proved less dramatic in the MacBook Air update. The performance gain of the M2 Pro over the M1 Pro is reported as “marginThere are suggestions that Apple will stay on the 5nm process for its silicon rather than move to 3nm and grab all the gains that the latter will offer.

finally, Apple is looking to provide its future MacBooks with a touch screen, about fourteen years after Microsoft first supported this in mainstream Windows devices. This would be a drastic change in Apple’s approach to mobile computing, but it’s inevitable as Tim Cook and his team try to bring the Mac and iPad platforms closer together in software and hardware. MacBooks will become the laptop favorites in the range, and while Osbourne isn’t quite out there for the rest of the range, it will lessen the impact of laptops with vanilla screens.

Those who were expecting the new MacBook Pro laptops to arrive on a schedule that Apple would allow the community to accept were disappointed. Those looking to upgrade — whether it’s to new hardware or to finally join the Apple Silicon platform will have to wait for the career-focused laptops. And anyone who wants the utility and ease of use that a touchscreen offers would be wary of investing in any new Apple laptop before the well-established technology finally hits the platform.

Apple’s launch of the M2 family during its Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 saw Tim Cook and his team build on the successful launch of Apple Silicon. Since then, there have been delays, miscommunication, and leaked features that could hurt short-term sales.

The MacBook Pro platform is neither stable nor certain in 2023.

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