June 17, 2024

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Super Smash Bros. player banned. of tournaments after slapping the opponent

Super Smash Bros. player banned.  of tournaments after slapping the opponent

While fighting games may be about trading blows on the screen, we really need to keep it in the group.

Super Smash Bros. player banned Ultimate powered by IS | Oro is indefinitely suspended from the scene after apparently slapping an opponent during an Italian tournament.

Upon losing the set 3-0 and being eliminated from Dehscension XII, Oro appears to stand up and slaps his opponent, BestMario, across the face (nearly knocking out his glasses) before returning to shut down his controller while continuing to sit up and hold his head.

This was all captured on the tournament’s Twitch stream as those around players were quick to call out the bad behavior and major rule violation that just happened.

Smash Bros Italia organizers released a statement after the event announcing that Oro is receiving an indefinite ban from tournaments moving forward with others in the region likely to follow if they haven’t already.

It’s totally normal to feel down after a huge loss, but we can’t really get our hands on other people.

This is common sense for the vast majority of the fighting game community, so it’s sad that we still have to say this.

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Oro had previously won a Dehscension XI with a competitive history in Smash dating back at least to 2016.

He is also listed as being responsible for the Start.gg events in Smash Bros Italia including the weekend though this will not be the case in the future.

The now-banned competitor hasn’t released a statement about the physical altercation, and BestMario doesn’t appear to be active on social media.

You can read the full Smash Bros Italia translated statement here Yandex translation below.

In light of the unpleasant events that occurred today during a tournament, the Smash Bros Italia staff strongly condemns the actions of player Oro and distances himself from his behavior.

Staff will, unanimously, ban the player indefinitely from all events organized by Smash Bros Italia.

Our priority is caring for and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for every player, and to that end, we are committed to preventing perpetrators of aggressive behavior, and we express our absolute support for anyone who falls victim to it.

Smash Bros Italia staff