April 23, 2024

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Argentines in conflict with credit review with IMF

(Buenos Aires) Tens of thousands of Argentines protested on Saturday against the government’s attempt to reconsider its debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), raising fears of social catastrophe. Last

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“No agreement with IMF”, “Debt is for the people, not IMF”, “Debt repayment is an adjustment”. At the end of the day on Saturday, far-left organizations, students, trade union banners, slogans and songs occupied the Plaza de Mayo, the historic arena of national joy and anger, at the foot of President Gaza Rosada. Palace.

The IMF was targeted amid brass crackers, smoke, deaf crackers, and street-installed “parylos” (grills) smoke, but the center-left government was accused of agreeing to restructure its debt by 2024. Moreover, in a country with an already 40% poor population, they have to lend themselves to higher budget austerity.

“It’s scary to see hungry children in hospitals. It is in Argentina today! “Ana Christina Jaime, 70, starts with a sigh of relief,” Without partying, but on the left side of the heart. “Every 8-9 years, it starts again, and we are sold to the IMF. […] The only way I see it is not to make money, but to hunt down capital fleeing abroad. Let them pay! ”

Throughout the week, an Argentine delegation (government and central bank) held meetings with the IMF group in Washington. By the end of the year, the executive will have to present to parliament a “multi-year economic plan” approved by the fund.

Photo by Mariana Nedelku, Reuters

At the end of the day on Saturday, far-left organizations, students, trade union banners, slogans and songs occupied the Plaza de Mayo.

Negotiation round results: The IMF announced in a statement on Friday that “further discussions” were needed before the agreement could be reached.

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On Friday evening, a large crowd had already gathered at the Plaza de Mayo, this time made up of departments close to the Peronist government, to celebrate 38 in music.e The year after the dictatorship (1976-1983) was the year of the return of democracy in Argentina.

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Accompanying President Alberto Fernandez are former Brazilian heads of state Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (who may be the presidential candidate in 2022) and Uruguay’s Jose “Pep” Mujica. Evening theme: The nostalgia for the “best time for democracy” in South America, according to Lula, when left-wing, socialist or “Bolivarian” executives ruled from Santiago to Caracas in the first decade of the 21st century.e Century.

But again, there is no mystery about Pat Noir, the guest is indebted to all speeches: IMF. Ovation promised when Alberto Fernandez started “Argentina adjustment” [structurels] History has it that “and a repayment” does not come at the expense of health, public education, salaries, pensions.

Cristina Fernண்டndez de Kirchner, state president and current vice president from 2007 to 2015, received even stronger praise when she denounced the IMF for “having a long life situation in Argentina.” The IMF also told Fernandez, “The IMF is helping to recover billions of dollars that Argentina does not have, but [que des Argentins ont] Taken to tax shelters! Let this be a point of negotiation with the fund. ”

Together these talks mark the anniversary of the “great crisis” of December 2001: Argentina’s social upheaval then plunged between capital outflows and a cash crunch, after years of austerity measures at the request of the government. IMF, resulted in riots. , Robbery, violence, about 40 deaths and lasting trauma.

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“I remember very well in 2001 a robbery at a supermarket on the corner of my street. “History repeats itself, you know. If there is agreement [avec le FMI]There is an adjustment. But who will fix it? Workers, the poor. Those coming out of the epidemic who have already lost so many jobs? ”