May 18, 2024

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“We need to elect someone other than Putin”

“We need to elect someone other than Putin”

Former Russian MP Boris Nadezhdin lashed out at Russian President Vladimir Putin and his regime during a prime-time broadcast on a news channel close to the Kremlin.

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Few have the courage to directly criticize the Russian government on Russian television.

Boris Nadeshtin, the longest-serving member of the Russian parliament, seems to have ignored this unwritten rule. A regular guest on pro-Kremlin television, the propagandist has advocated the formation of a new government.

“I tell you, in this current political regime, we have no chance of getting closer to Europe. We have to elect another government that ends. [au conflit] Who will build relationships in Ukraine [diplomatiques] Common with European countries”, he told the panelists and host during the program.

And from the look on his face, the host didn’t seem to appreciate his partner’s comments.

“Why do you say that? I knew you were going to say that. […] It’s boring,” said the host.

Despite the call to order, Boris continued his reflection, which was heard by thousands of viewers of Nadesh.

“Next year is the presidential election. We just need to elect someone other than Putin and everything will be fine.

Kremlin propaganda media is listened to by a large audience in Russia, although its ratings have fallen by 25% since the start of the Ukraine invasion, reports the world

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