May 28, 2023

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Tiktokur was arrested for breaking into a stranger’s home without permission and filming himself, then again

English influencer Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, who was first arrested for trespassing at a stranger’s home, was re-arrested by authorities after posting more videos on social media of failing to comply with a criminal behavior order issued to him earlier this week.

Known as Mizzy on TikTok, she posted a video on Friday showing herself being handcuffed by a police officer.

A spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police told The Guardian that the young man had been “arrested on suspicion of breaching his order”.

Mr O’Garro’s first introduction involved him breaking into a stranger’s house without permission, sitting on his bed and asking, “Is this meeting here?” He posted a video saying ‘Study?’

In his other videos, he can be seen entering a car pretending to be his Uber and disrupting passengers on a train, according to English media.

Last Wednesday, he was in court where an order was issued banning him from posting videos on social media without people’s consent.

He has been banned from trespassing on private land and from entering a shopping center in Stratford, east London.

He also had to pay a $600 fine.

He was re-arrested 48 hours later.

Officials say he remains in custody pending investigations.

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