March 1, 2024

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A’s Promote Shea Langeliers, release Stephen Biscotti

A's Promote Shea Langeliers, release Stephen Biscotti

A announced that they chose to hold the best leads Shea Langlers. The club also called up its player David McKinnon From Triple-A Las Vegas, Quarterback Mode Ramon Lauriano In the injured list for 10 days, retrospectively to August 15, with left slashing strain and right player Stephen Biscotti.

It’s a notable change for Players A, who will get their first look at a player they hope will be an essential part of the future. The Langlers were one of four players the Oakland Braves received at Matt Olson trade this spring. Arguably the headline for the deal, most potential evaluators consider an above-average potential backing behind the plate.

The ninth overall pick in the 2019 draft, the Langeliers have spent the past three years moving up the minor league ladder. He got off to a rather slow start late into his first professional season – and it wasn’t too surprising for Musk to score the most number of events in any year of his career. The next minor league season was wiped out by the pandemic, and Atlanta pushed Baylor University producer to Double-A to start 2021. The Langeliers spent nearly the entire year there, putting up an impressive .258/.338/.498 streak with 22 home runs in 92 games in the Archer friendly environment.

That would have been a high-quality power production for any player, but it’s especially impressive for a well-known defensive tackle. Langlers fit this law. Most raters consider it to be an at least average receiver, and unanimously praise it for its arm strength. Whoever FangravesAnd the Keith Low the athleteAnd the America baseball And the ESPN’s Kelly McDaniel He placed him within the back half of a potential Top 100 team heading into the 2022 season, and the A earned him as part of his spring training shred shortly thereafter.

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Langeliers continued to impress at his new establishment. He spent the year in Triple-A, his first extended run there after a brief cameo late last season. Over 402 board appearances, the 24-year-old hit 19 hits, a solid walking rate of 10.7% and a manageable strike rate of 21.9%. Las Vegas is one of the most favorable environments in the ranks for hitters, but the .283/.366/.510 Langlers line is a solid proposition even in this context. With nearly 200 minor games under his belt over the past season, he has little left to prove before earning an MLB appearance.

The A’s had to add the Langeliers to their 40-man roster this off-season to prevent him from being selected in the Rule 5 draft. General Manager David Forrest indicated last week that they were hoping to get a look at the young supporter a little earlier, and presumably he will spend The last seven weeks of the season are in the active roster. The club has been starring in a rough season, but the Langlers promotion will give fanbase and organization a glimpse of a potential key piece for 2023 and beyond.

First-year manager Mark Kotsai will be tasked with splitting playing time between the up-and-coming player and current supporter Sean Murphy. Oakland’s home base is arguably the best player on the team. An elite defender averaging 244/.323/.422 shows in the plate, Murphy is one of the best catchers in the game. He’ll definitely stay in the lineup most days, although upgrading Langeliers could provide Murphy some extra semi-comfort work at first base or as a designated hitter. Langlers himself sees some action in those places as well.

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This would at least be a temporary arrangement, but a strong showing from the Langlers during his first look at the big league show will only intensify speculation about Murphy’s long-term future. With Murphy under control until 2025, the A’s definitely don’t have to deal with him far from next season. He will only be subject to first-time arbitration in the winter, and next year’s salary (while a marked increase over his previous payout) will not be onerous – even for an Auckland club likely to run one of the league’s lowest salary scales. However, a large part of the value of both Murphy and the Langeliers lies in their defensive acumen behind the painting. That’s nowhere near the value in first base or DH, of course, so one could argue for dealing with Murphy through the winter and switching to Langeliers on a regular basis in 2023. Murphy caught the attention of teams like the Guardians and Red Sox by this trade deadline Summer, and A players will definitely get a lot of calls about its availability once teams are once again allowed to trade with MLB players.

Langer’s promotion will not have immediate repercussions from a service time perspective for A. It’s been enough time for him not to charge enough action to reach a full year of service or qualify for early arbitration after 2024 as a Super Two player. If on the MLB Forever roster, the Langeliers will reach ARB eligibility after the 2025 campaign and will reach free agency for the first time during the 2028-29 season. Oakland could return him to the Palace over the next few years, and any cuts could affect his service trajectory.

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While the Langeliers’ call-up is the biggest news for Team A as they look to future seasons, the corresponding deal brings up the player who has spent nearly five years with the team. The A’s acquired Piscotty, a Bay Area and Stanford native, from the Cardinals heading into the 2018 season. The right-batting player stormed the majors with two stellar seasons to earn $33.5 million in contract extensions ahead of the 2017 campaign. He didn’t perform at the same level in his final season in Louis, but Team A took a shot at rebounding (and bringing Piscotty closer to his family as his mom was battling ALS) in a trade at the end of that year.

More is coming.