April 24, 2024

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Attack on Russia: “It's a self-sustaining war,” says ex-Canadian diplomat

Attack on Russia: “It's a self-sustaining war,” says ex-Canadian diplomat

More than 48 hours after Russia's president finally acknowledged the involvement of “radical Islamists” in the Moscow attack, Vladimir Putin continues to point the finger at “those who wage war against him.” [son] Since 2014, the country [soit] People of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

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A former ambassador to Canada in the Russian capital, Ferry de Kerckhove, said there is no doubt that the terrorist acts that killed 139 people and wounded 182 bear the signature of the Islamic State.

“The Americans warned them, but Putin wanted to try to link Ukraine to this issue only to feed his crowd,” he said in an interview on Le Billon.

According to the former diplomat, “the Russian people are wondering how the great Putin can protect them from all these attacks.”

Relations between Daesh and Russia have always been tense, Mr. de Gerkov recalled. Also, “the worst damage to the Islamic State was done by the Russians, especially during the three attacks on Palmyra in Syria.”

Also, last Friday's deadly attack in Moscow was not the first attack claimed by Islamic extremists.

The retiree said, “This is a self-sustaining war. The Islamic State carried out attacks in Russia in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and now it has started again.

Despite the concerted efforts of the international community to eliminate the extremist Islamist movement in Syria, Mr. De Kerchkov, one of the former Muslim republics of the Soviet Union, appears to have a terrorist bubble in Khorasan, Central Asia.

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“They are responsible for the deaths of 13 American soldiers during their withdrawal from Afghanistan,” he adds. It is a very strict, very powerful regime, and it is not surprising that Russia wants to get rid of it, but this matter is far from over.

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