March 23, 2023

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The CIA chief said Putin was convinced he would win the war

Faced with his military’s difficulties in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin knows he can’t win the war for now, but is determined to win a final victory with wear and tear, refusing to consider any other option, CIA chief William Burns observed. In an interview on Sunday.

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“Putin, in my opinion, thinks today that he can’t win right now, but he can’t be defeated,” the director of US intelligence told CBS.

“Right now,” according to William Burns, “I think Putin is absolutely determined,” but “there’s a lot of confidence in his ability to bring down Ukraine.”

Former US Ambassador to Moscow Mr. According to Burns, the Russian president “continually signs off” on his war.

He also said his meeting with Russian Prime Minister Sergei Naryshkin in Turkey in November was “depressing”.

He says he saw “a kind of indiscretion, excessive pride” in the SVR (external intelligence) boss, who met to warn about nuclear weapons, but not for negotiations, whose point of departure “will be decided by him. The Ukrainians.”

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