May 21, 2024

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Attack on Trump | The Journal of Quebec

Attack on Trump |  The Journal of Quebec

It’s over. General Inquiries of the Commission Those responsible for highlighting the events of January 6, 2021 have been launched.

Scheduled for prime-time broadcasts, they may come in eight finely structured installments. An introduction yesterday and the strategy of those in charge is clear: to prove that this is an attempt conspiracy, a bigger move than a single invasion of Capitol by a high-ranking mob.

Well-designed storyline

At the center of the action, Donald Trump, despite the warnings of his advisers, proceeded with an attitude that he knew was illegal and contrary to his country’s democratic practices.

In a well-organized dance system, the most important roles were left to the Republicans. Liz Cheney was the one who delivered the most difficult blows systematically.

Salvo also features William Barr, Jason Miller and the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. If Bar had used the expression “bullshit” to refer to the irregularities of the November 2020 election, Donald Trump would have been outraged this morning in support of Ivanka, the former attorney general.

After we set the table and it looked like a real trial against Trump, we were given two testimonies, which, beyond words, made it possible to put the audience in the “mood” of January 6. A policeman was injured on the day of the massacre, the battlefield and the radical right -wing.

Possible sequels?

The big question many experts and observers ask themselves is whether all of this is worthwhile and whether we can see the results of this commission being followed.

Politically, I doubt Democrats can use these inquiries to avoid losses in the midterm elections. If the current polls are correct they could lose two majorities. At best, they can hope that Trump’s chances of victory in 2024 will be reduced.

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The political game does not give us big surprises. Trump has escaped two charges and many Republicans fear the former president’s anger. What more could they want to drop their grandson? Permission from voters? Are they still worried about it?

There is still the legal path. Can the Commission recommend that current attorney Merrick Garland impose charges against Trump’s former economic adviser, Peter Navarro?

Garland is more cautious, and he will only go down this slippery slope if the evidence is solid. However someone has to pay the price for this awful plot.

The United States is very shaken from within and allowing traitors to run free will only harm the increasingly vulnerable giant and, by extension, Canada.