February 23, 2024

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Aussie on tour to distribute his sperm

Aussie on tour to distribute his sperm

The 37-year-old Australian is currently in Brisbane, in the country’s west, for ten days as part of her “baby-making” trip, according to reports. Courier mail.

Adam HooperThe man, who has used sperm to conceive more than 20 children, is currently touring Australia donating his sperm to women seeking artificial insemination.

Next weekend she will be giving a seminar where all women who are ovulating will be able to attend Mr. A glass containing Hooper’s sperm can be obtained.

Because selling his sperm is illegal in Australia, they didn’t have to pay a penny to get the precious fluid.

Adam Hooper expects many women in their 30s and 40s to attend his seminar.

The initiative has attracted fair criticism in Australia. Mr. Many citizens are particularly concerned about Hooper’s lack of regulation regarding sperm donation.

The latter ensures that he undergoes regular medical check-ups and that his gesture is purely philanthropic.

Generally, in Australia, a child conceived through sperm donation cannot meet its parents until the age of 18.

Nevertheless, Adam Hooper invites his potential “kids” to contact him whenever they feel like it.

“I won’t be their parent, but if they want, the kids can have my photo or call me if they need to,” she says.

“I want children to know where they come from. There are many young people from assisted reproduction who spend years trying to find their father,” Mr. Hooper adds.

The 30-year-old has also started a Facebook page.Sperm Donation Australiaยป, thanks to which he connects couples or single parent women with donors. More than 900 children have been born due to his efforts.

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