April 24, 2024

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‘Behind the Story’ On Sale for $27 at Amazon – The Hollywood Reporter

‘Behind the Story’ On Sale for $27 at Amazon – The Hollywood Reporter

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BTS has consistently topped the charts with their World Hits series, and now, they’ve hit the top spot again with the group’s new book release hitting the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists.

titled Behind the story: 10 years of BTS recordingThe hardcover book was released on July 9 and instantly shot to No. 1 on the aggregate book charts. As of this writing, they’re also #1 on Amazon’s music biographies list (ahead of Paul McCartney’s new book), and BTS is #1 on Amazon’s bestselling memoirs chart.

The book is on sale on Amazon for $27, too, at 40 percent off the listed retail price of $45.


Behind the story: 10 years of BTS recording


Released by Flatiron Books, What’s behind the story is the first-ever official book release of BTS and celebrates the group’s 10-year anniversary in June 2013. The 544-page book features new interviews with the seven members, behind-the-scenes looks at their albums and music videos, and new photos released to the public for the first time.

Firstly I joked in May, the book’s official cover was revealed in June to much fanfare. But the publishers say this book is more than just publicity stunts, noting that author Myungseok Kang has spent more than three years covering the band, with unprecedented access to the collection that few writers had before.

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The book is presented in chronological order, with seven chapters that follow the story of BTS, from the formation of the band, to their rise to fame, to their current hopes and dreams. The publisher describes the book as “an honest, lively and profound story” that will “illuminate their musical journey from multiple angles and discuss its significance”.

The book also contains over 300 scannable QR codes that will give readers access to trailers, music videos, and other fun online features about the group.


BEHIND THE STORY: Record 10 years of BTS Audiobook


What’s behind the story Available to purchase now as a hardcover book on Amazon for $27 ($18 from list price). You can also download it as an audiobook, with chapters recited by Kim Young-Gi and Park Chan-Won, the two voice artists chosen by the group to tell their story.