April 16, 2024

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Taylor Russell gets a VIP view of Harry Styles’ party amid dating rumors

Taylor Russell gets a VIP view of Harry Styles’ party amid dating rumors

Harry Stiles His fans are excited at the prospect of dating him Taylor Russell – And based on where she was this weekend… they might be up to something.

TMZ has obtained photos and video that show the actress watching Harry’s party in Vienna on Saturday night in what appears to be a VIP tent of sorts. More than that, though, it also appears to be an area where HS might handle BTS’ concert duties.

As you can see, Taylor — who is pictured with a bob and a white dress — is sitting next to a man who has an electronic device and screens in front of him. Looks like he might be Harry’s stage manager or something… and that he’s been pulling jacks from the show.

Taylor gets along with this mate…and she also dances the night away while Harry performs. In between songs, TR was chatting with members of the crew — all things considered.

It looks like she’s been there the whole show…and her look here matches up with photos of her in Vienna, with a guy Stan is sure is actually Harry. on saturday One such picture It appears to show her wearing this exact outfit and rocking as she does.

However, until Sunday More alleged footage From the two of them wandering around town they start to spread too… a brigade sends Harry into a full frenzy about the chance of him having a new love interest in his life. In fact, they are very happy about it.

Taylor Russell and Harry Styles? !! $&;? $ + ($! $??_;! pic.twitter.com/22PjXgoYI9

– ♰ Sabrina ♰ (junkpixie) June 23, 2023

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The dating rumors started last month, when Harry observer Walking With Taylor in London…and she seems to be holding hands, too. Now, she appears to be chaperoning him on tour, at least partially anyway. It is unclear if she will go to his other European dates.

Like we said, the Harrys (as they’re known) are flipping their lid over this potential pair…and unfortunately, it comes at a cost Olivia Wildewhom Harry dated last year.

Needless to say, his fan base wasn’t entirely thrilled with this pairing… as the collective feeling, it seemed, was that being with her brought a lot of drama that might not normally be present around him… if it weren’t for her. Yes, we are referring to Florence PughAnd Jason Sudeikisetc.

Anyhoo, all of them We broke up Now… and on the face of it, it looks to us like he might actually be moving on to someone else – who just happens to be closer to him in age… FWIW.

While taking Harry phone in his face Last night – and it looked like it hurt… I hope Taylor will be able to kiss her better before the end of the night. Happy trails, you two!