July 13, 2024

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Beryl, the “zombie hurricane” will soon hit Texas

Beryl, the “zombie hurricane” will soon hit Texas

Hurricane Beryl, which became a tropical storm when it made landfall in Mexico, will regain strength before reaching Texas overnight Sunday into Monday.

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“Hurricane Beryl, which made landfall south of Cancun on Friday, ended up being a tropical storm that weakened at landfall and we’re going to see an amazing event today. Now, for about twenty hours already, she’s back in warm water. […] It will provide electricity. Therefore, the wind will still reach hurricane speed,” explained meteorologist Gilles Brine in an interview with LCN immediately after.

The expert added that this type of event is known as a “zombie cyclone”.

As a result, this storm, which has become a hurricane again, is expected to hit the Texas coast during the night from Sunday to Monday.

“Beryl’s center is currently about 350 km southeast of Texas. So, it is a small cyclone, but very powerful, which will trigger a lot more problems,” said Mr. Beryl has already caused about twenty deaths in the Caribbean, Brian said.

Remnants of the storm are expected to reach southern Quebec next Friday. According to the expert, more rain is likely in La Belle province.

Watch the full interview above.

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