July 13, 2024

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France broke out Montreal Journal

France broke out  Montreal Journal

After the June 9 European elections, France is in a political crisis.

By deciding to dissolve the National Assembly, Emmanuel Macron made an unexpected move. The French are going to vote for their National Assembly.

French legislative elections are held in two rounds.

In the first round, the national rally of Jordan Bartella and Marine Le Pen won. We can predict it. There he confirmed the results of the European elections.


But now, since the evening of the first round, a slogan has emerged: “Not a vote for the RN”, assimilated by the organization as “extreme right”, this absurd term only serves to demonize.

He was asked.

The extreme left and the center have joined forces to besiege him. In the name of democracy, apparently.

Anti-fascism is the unconscious, because we must talk about the unconscious, because fascism has been dead for too long and deeply undermines democratic life by convincing us of the existence of imaginary demons.

What’s more: The radical left came first with this coalition game, which many find implausible.

The problem: as all opinion polls confirm it, France is ideologically on the right. Very well, too. He rejects mass immigration, wants stronger measures to combat insecurity and feels strangled by taxes. With good reason, if I can.

So France deeply wants a “right-wing” policy and it will have a left-wing policy, very left-wing.

We don’t know exactly what the next political combinations will produce, but we already know that there will be a huge gap between the decisions of the political class and the will of the people. The democratic crisis will deepen. What we call populism will become radicalized in some way.

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What can we take from all this from a Quebec perspective?

Let no one be spared the political crisis sweeping across the Western world.

Our societies are more divided than ever. More divided than ever. More fragmented than ever.

They no longer agree on the definition of rights, democracy, identity and the consequences of immigration.

It is not detailed.

There is no longer a common view of reality.

That means they don’t see the most basic things the same way.

This divide is not to be overcome.

We don’t really see where there is common ground between those who still believe in Western continuity, the awakened converts, and those already aligned with the emerging Islamism in our societies.


That means our societies will become increasingly polarized, torn between radically opposing views. We are entering an era of global warming of political sentiment.

Unfortunately this is the case.

We regret it, but facts are stubborn.

All Western societies face it, but France, a deeply political country, feels these tensions most violently.