April 17, 2024

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Biden denounces the “extreme” plans of the American right

Biden denounces the “extreme” plans of the American right

(Washington) Joe Biden on Tuesday noted that the U.S. right has won over former President Donald Trump’s comments.

Released at 12:29 p.m.

“The MAGA movement is truly the most radical political organization in history.

After a speech dedicated to the economy, he was questioned about threats over access to abortion after the US Supreme Court’s internal document came out, which would be tantamount to crushing the constitutional right to abortion. Abortion since 1973.

It would deprive millions of women living in the southern or central states of access to abortion, where Republicans have enacted more restrictive laws, suspended by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, to which Donald Trump has provided a firm conservative organization.

After the right to abortion, the Democratic president estimates that conservatives can overrule other achievements related to the jurisdiction based on abortion, and now the Supreme Court is competing.

“What if a state says LGBTQ + kids can’t go to classrooms like other kids? He asked about contraceptive access.

Joe Biden, who is campaigning for the legislative elections scheduled for November, also described the Republican economic base as “serious” and wanted to “raise taxes” on the middle class and question their social benefits.

The attack comes after JD Vance, backed by the former president, imposed himself as a Republican candidate in Tuesday’s most strategic senator election in Ohio.

The right-wing primary in the Midwestern state was seen as a test of Donald Trump’s influence over the Republican Party.

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