April 21, 2024

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Biden slams Trump-Orban meeting

Biden slams Trump-Orban meeting

(Philadelphia) US President Joe Biden criticized his Republican rival Donald Trump on Friday for his meeting with Viktor Orbán, saying the Hungarian prime minister was trying to install a “dictatorship”.

Viktor Orbán met his “good friend” Donald Trump in his Florida stronghold on Friday, the Hungarian prime minister, one of the rare leaders in Europe to congratulate the Republican candidate on his victory in November's presidential election against Democrat Joe Biden.

“You know who he's meeting at Mar-a-Lago today? “, Joe Biden told his supporters during a campaign rally. “Orban of Hungary has made it clear that he doesn't think democracy will work and that he wants to (establish) a dictatorship.”

“I see a future where we protect democracy, not where we weaken it,” he insisted, as the 81-year-old Democrat made the theme one of his campaign arguments against Donald Trump.

On Friday evening, Viktor Orbán posted a photo on Facebook of himself with the former president, with Trump's slogan written on it: “Make America Great Again” .

“The visit focused on building ties between American and Hungarian conservatives, and the potential benefits of the election of President Trump in November,” M Orban's aide Gladden Pappin said, confirming that the meeting had indeed taken place.

Joe Biden, for his part, once again condemned the 77-year-old former president's comments, which, according to him, encourage Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade NATO countries.

Despite Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Hungary is the only EU member to maintain close ties with the Kremlin.

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Viktor Orban refuses to send any military support to Ukraine and continues to call for a ceasefire, convinced that Kiev cannot win.

Similarly, Donald Trump is blocking his supporters in Congress from securing $60 billion in US military aid to President Joe Biden.

“We are not playing dice, the only sensible approach for Hungary is to bank on the return of President Donald Trump,” Viktor Orbán declared earlier in the week.