July 20, 2024

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His roommates use his body to withdraw money from the bank

His roommates use his body to withdraw money from the bank

Two women were arrested Monday for using the body of their roommate, who died the same day, to withdraw money from a bank in Ohio.

Lorraine Ferralo, 55, and Karen Kasbom, 63, discovered the body of 80-year-old Douglas Layman on Monday morning and decided to stop along the way before delivering his body to the morgue, NBC News reports.

With the help of a third unidentified person, Mr. Layman's lifeless body was placed in a car to withdraw money from his bank account at his bank's drive-thru. According to NBC News, they had already withdrawn money in this manner during his lifetime, which explains the reaction of the bank employees, who allowed the money to be withdrawn.

The first flaw in their plan was that Mr. Layman's body was left at Ashtabula County Medical Center, NBC News reported. They then called the hospital back to provide more information about the man, which would allow them to identify him, as well as the body they left at the morgue.

Both women live in Mr. Police reportedly searched Layman's home. They are said to have admitted their wrongdoing in a conversation with the police. They were later arrested and now face charges of abuse of a corpse.

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