April 20, 2024

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Biden thinks Putin has put some of his advisers under “house arrest.”

Biden thinks Putin has put some of his advisers under “house arrest.”

US President Joe Biden said on Thursday that there were “signs” of that [Vladimir Poutine] Some of his advisers were fired or placed under house arrest, while acknowledging that he had no “irrefutable evidence”.

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He felt that Vladimir Putin had “isolated himself.”

But the president clarified that there was “a lot of speculation” surrounding this information about the Russian president, and advised not to “lend too much”.

State Department spokesman Netflix referred to him as a public “report” – not an intelligence report – “many Russian officials have been boarded, removed, sidelined or […] He was placed under house arrest. “

“We have reason to believe that President Putin is being misled. If we look at the last five or six weeks, he has clearly made many miscalculations,” he continued.

White House Communications Director Kate Beddingfield noted Wednesday that there was a “continuing tension” between the Russian president and his staff.

The U.S. president said on Thursday he was “suspicious” that Russia would withdraw some of its troops from Ukraine to focus its attack on the Donbass region in the east of the country.

At the end of the report, which was dedicated to the fight against rising petrol prices, Joe Biden told reporters, “There is no evidence so far that he is withdrawing all of these forces from Kiev.

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According to a senior Pentagon official, Russian forces have begun withdrawing from Chernobyl (north) and have “abandoned” the Kostomal military airport northwest of Kiev, but we continue to believe that this is a “relocation”.

“We have no indication that these soldiers are returning home or that they have been permanently removed from the fighting,” the official added.