February 26, 2024

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Billy Eichner ‘Bros’ Gay RomCom Screened at CinemaCon – Deadline

Billy Eichner 'Bros' Gay RomCom Screened at CinemaCon - Deadline

Billy Eichner caught with two brothersAnd The world premiere of the first gay romantic comedy made by a major studio during my world‘s CinemaCon Show Wednesday.

And I don’t mean a Buzz Lightyear movie! Visit.

And he’s been publicly LGBTQ staffed. “It comes down to how hard it is to find another compatible human being to get along with in life,” the comedian said.

CinemaCon 2022: Complete Coverage of Deadline

“We realize we’re in the movie business. Don’t you think lesbians are like adornments?” Eichner quipped. Thinking how hard it would be to believe it would take until 2022 to get a studio to produce a movie about a gay couple, he joked on stage, “We’ve had two movies about hedgehogs. But let me tell you, Vegas, if you love hedgehogs, you’ll love gays.”

As Universal stars paired up during the CinemaCon show with the show’s staff, Eichner took the stage with Jeff Zarrillo, general manager of AMC Burbank 16.

in the trailer for two brothers, which was directed by Nicholas Stoller from a script he co-wrote with Eichner, Escher has a podcast where he says raucously that a major film producer wants him to write a romantic comedy about gay people. “Something a straight guy can watch with this girlfriend!” Eichner shouted. So what does that mean? “I’m going to do a high speed chase and tackle the Ice Cube? Get Jason Momoa’s ass while you worry about a volcano?” Eichner joked.

We see Eichner’s on-screen character become obsessed with someone (“This mother*cker is in my head!”…”Are you one of those ragged, positionless idiots?”), then deal with the high jinks of it all, an orgy for four men. There’s also Jim Rash as boss at Eichner’s workplace, missing him at a company meeting due to a lack of celebration at Sexual Awareness Week.

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two brothers. Opens September 30th.