January 29, 2023

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Bishop Ouellet’s alleged victim comes out of the shadows

An alleged victim of Cardinal Mark Ouellette has decided to lift a publication ban on her identity to encourage others to denounce it.

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Pamela Grolio, so far we don’t want to condemn in the shadow of the person nicknamed “F”. “I’m not F anymore, I’m Pamela Crowley. »

He is one of 134 victims who have launched a class action against one hundred priests and lay people from the Diocese of Quebec for alleged acts committed between 1942 and 2018.

Cardinal Mark Ouellet

Archive photo

Cardinal Mark Ouellet

Mrs. Grolio criticizes Cardinal Ouellet for “unnecessary touching, shoulder massages, hands that reach the beginning of the back and inappropriate comments”.

From 2008 to 2010, when he was an intern in the Diocese of Quebec, these alleged elements were allegedly committed four times.

He also decided to come to the public square to change the complaint process in the Church.

“I want to hear him welcome anyone who claims to be a victim with a neutral, impartial, independent, rigorous and professional methodology,” says the 38-year-old woman.

Cardinal flatly denied the allegations and filed a $100,000 defamation suit against Ms. Grolio.

Like the second attack

If he had to do it over again, the early twenties would have reacted differently during the alleged facts.

Today, he distrusts the internal censure processes of the Catholic Church. “I experienced it as a second attack. It was very disturbing, very painful. On the part of the Diocese of Quebec as well as the Vatican. The Vatican […] I sent someone who was in my opinion impartial on the file. and at the Diocese of Quebec level […] I am not recognized as a victim,” she says.

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This person he refers to in his speech is Father Jacques Servais, who knew Cardinal Olette and was appointed by Pope Francis to investigate the attacks.

“He took care of the catechesis of the boys, and he repeated to me several times that he had no experience in it. […] “, Paméla Groleau adds, she also feels that she does not have this responsibility.

Last August, following this initial investigation, Pope Francis deemed that the file “does not have sufficient elements to launch a canonical investigation.”

Comments are considered threatening

Paméla Groleau says she received an anonymous letter in July 2022 with threatening and defamatory comments aimed at discouraging her approach.

The document is currently on file with the law firm representing him.

Lawyer Me Alain Arsenault notes that his client wants others to be condemned by his attitude.

“This is what other victims are condemning. Other victims are saying, so am I. If she has the guts to do it publicly, […] It plays an important role. If she does, why can’t I? »

In the class action case against the Diocese of Quebec, a settlement conference led by a Superior Court judge will be held at the end of the month. Me Arsenault hopes to reach an agreement in principle with the diocese.

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