December 10, 2023

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Canada to send 2 Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Canada will send 2 Leopard tanks from its arsenal to Ukraine, a federal government source told the Journal.

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The exact number of tanks shipped is currently unknown.

However, government sources said The Globe and Mail Canada will send four or five tanks.

The move follows similar announcements from Germany and the US, which reached an agreement a few weeks later.

The plan released Wednesday calls for sending more than 100 tanks to Ukraine, including 31 M1 Abrams purchased by the United States and 62 Panther 2s from EU countries.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday morning that no announcement was made at this time, but he and his foreign affairs minister, Melanie Jolie, promised Canada could do more.

Canada recently announced the export of 200 light vehicles, which should arrive before summer, as well as the state-of-the-art NASAMS air defense system. Both these exports are worth more than $500 million.

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