January 27, 2023

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Canada wins World Baking Cup

The Canadian team won a special environmental responsibility prize at the World Pastry Cup finals in Lyon, France this weekend, and finished 10th in the competition against 19 countries.

After fierce competition, the team representing Japan won the Pastry World Cup held as part of the International Hotel Restaurant and Food Exhibition (SIRHA).

France and Italy found themselves on the podium with second and third place respectively.

Candidates from each country had 10 hours to create 42 delicious desserts and three pieces of art under the theme of climate change.

Canada rose to 10th place in the ranking and won the “special eco-responsibility prize”, awarded to the group that stood out from its training sessions “by implementing concrete actions around sustainable development, particularly in relation to the origin and choice of raw materials”. products, reduction of food waste, redistribution of used and processed products”.

The Canadian team was joined by sugar expert and Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtelerie du Québec (ITHQ), Patrick Bouley, master chocolatier Jacob Pelletier and ice sculptor Ross Kisses. Meanwhile, Daniel Garcia acted as team leader.

“Congratulations to Team Canada! I am very proud of this remarkable participation of our teacher Patrick Bouley and our program coordinator Daniel Garcia, the first time for Canada in 15 years, in the most important pastry competition in the world! “I am very appreciative of the Canadian team winning the Special Eco-Responsibility Prize as international recognition for its commitment to sustainable development,” ITHQ Director General Lisa Frulla said in a press release.

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