July 17, 2024

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Canadian threatens Haiti: “We are dealing with a psychiatrist”

Canadian threatens Haiti: “We are dealing with a psychiatrist”

The leader of the Haitian gang that kidnapped 16 American missionaries and a Canadian threatened to hang his hostages if he did not receive $ 17 million, but is that true?

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Haiti has been in a very volatile geopolitical situation for many years, marked by political upheaval and natural disasters. In addition, there are gangs that sow terrorism and engage in hostages in order to obtain hostages.

“In Haiti, gangs are trying to abduct people and rescue them, and the fate of 16 American missionaries and Canadians is still in the hands of the kidnappers. Over the weekend, the leader of this gang threatened to hang these hostages if they did not comply,” said John Daniel Dehni and John Dwight Senate of LCN Radio. Magic 9 said on the radio.

“Is he serious? I do not know, but what is being said is that most of the abductees have not been hanged. The gang leaders are waiting for a rescue before proceeding,” he continued.

If the death threat and the geopolitical situation are worrisome, the credibility of the words of Wilson Joseph, the leader of the mob behind the attack, should be questioned.

“Usually families pay a ransom so their families are released. Now, we are still dealing with a psychiatrist and we do not know how far he can go with his threats,” Mr Senate added.

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More than 600 kidnapping cases have been identified in Haiti in the first three quarters of 2021. This is a practice that has become very popular this year, in the face of which the authorities appear to be very helpless.

“Usually families negotiate with gang leaders. Sometimes families fear for the safety of the hostage and they decide not to alert the police. It may be after the release, but we will usually negotiate before the release. We do not trust the police and we do not think the police can release the hostages,” he said. He finished.