February 26, 2024

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Cavender twins, Haley and Hana, are moving from Fresno State to Miami’s women’s basketball program

Cavender twins, Haley and Hana, are moving from Fresno State to Miami's women's basketball program

Coral Gables, Florida – Halley And Hanna Cavender About to expose 4 million Miami women’s basketball fans.

The Cavender Sisters — 5-foot-6 identical twin guards who have combined to average 34.2 points per game in their three seasons in Fresno and have built the social media formidable during the pandemic — announced Thursday night that they will be relocating to Miami. Senior seasons.

Their notable stats: 3,040 points aggregated in 89 games, 400,000 followers on Instagram and another 4 million on their shared TikTok account that mostly features side-by-side dancing.

“What’s up in Miami,” Hannah Cavender wrote on Instagram, under a picture of her and her sister in Miami uniform.

Miami later confirmed the move and announced that the sisters had officially signed with the Hurricanes.

“As we went off the season losing four impactful players, we felt we had specific needs and Haley and Hannah helped us meet many of them,” Miami coach Katie Meyer said. “It’s a huge cut to our program.”

Haley Cavinder was Mountain West Player of the Year as a sophomore in 2020-2021, and was an all-conference selection as a freshman and rookie. Hanna Cavender was also an undergraduate student. Haley Cavender is one of 3 shy pointers out of 200 about her career. Hanna Cavinder has had at least 100 assists and 50 steals in each of her college seasons.

“When we got to campus, there was a sense and a feeling you had when you knew it was the right decision,” said Haley Cavender. “I think just with coach Katie and the captain who is and what she’s done with the program, there’s something that we were very drawn to, and I think we knew when we left Miami that we wanted to come back.”

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The Cavenders immediately became stars of the era of name, image, and likeness as soon as it officially became an option for college athletes on July 1, 2021. Boost Mobile immediately signed them, promoting the move with a huge ad in New York’s Times Square. Several other deals soon followed – including deals with Champs Sports, Eastbay and clothing company PSD – and they have an ownership stake in another apparel company. They can also be hired through Cameo for personal video messaging or business messaging.

Some estimates have stated their deals are already in excess of $1 million; Others within the NIL region said it could be much more than that.

And now they come to Miami, the school that has already seen many footballers and others get deals for none profitable in recent months. The Cavinders joined the Hurricanes who finished 21-13 this past season, went to the Atlantic Coast Championship game and reached the NCAA second round.

“They told me over and over again how much they wanted to win and win big,” Mayer said. “We were looking for people to help us do deeper courses in March, so that was a perfect fit.”

It wouldn’t hurt the extra exposure the twins would bring. Miami averaged 1,378 fans at home games this past season, just 11th of the ACC’s 15 teams.

The Cavenders family is from Arizona, but moving to Miami is kind of a homecoming for the family. The two sisters’ father, Tom Cavender, played at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida—about 45 minutes north of Coral Gables—from 1992 until 1994.

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