July 17, 2024

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“Challenge me”: Biden takes from Trump’s playbook to get back on track

“Challenge me”: Biden takes from Trump’s playbook to get back on track

A harsh phone call during a morning TV show, a criticism of the “superior”, an emphasis on “the crowd” during his meetings … Joe Biden has in recent days adopted the accents – in some respects – in some respects – of his great rival Donald. Trump.

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The US president has clearly decided to raise his voice to defend his candidacy for a second term, reeling from his June 27 debate defeat against his Republican predecessor.

Last Friday, on ABC, he brushed aside calls to drop out of the race, vowing to do so only if “God Almighty” told him to do so, and contested the credibility of the poll. Competitor.

On Monday, he insisted in a letter to elected Democrats that “the political survival of the press, commentators, and big donors cannot be decided.”

The president, who is known to be temperamental but generally maintains an image skilled in moderate, conciliatory and respectful exchanges, already has a number of comments that are highly unusual.

When the 81-year-old Democrat appeared on MSNBC Monday morning, we heard a stark contrast from Joe Biden, popular among Democrats.

“Challenge Me”

A very unusual attitude on his part, reminiscent of Donald Trump’s lengthy phone calls during the morning show “Fox and Friends” on a channel favored by the right wing.

The Democrat assured him that he had the support of a “core voter,” even if it was intense, sometimes very angry.

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The former senator, then vice president, then president, whose political career spanned more than fifty years, said all the nasty things he thought about the “elite” of the Democratic Party, some of whom called on elected officials to wipe him out. .

“Let those who think I should not run run against me. (…) Challenge me at the Democratic Convention in August, he said.

The US president has also expressed his ill-temper in the face of speculation about his mental acuity or his physical fitness, saying they “drive him crazy”.

He insisted to MSNBC hosts that he had recently spoken in front of a “huge” and “enthusiastic” crowd since the June 27 debate.

It brings to mind one of Donald Trump’s obsessions, who brags at every opportunity about the crowds of supporters who come to hear or see him speak.

“Nothing’s Spoiled”

Joe Biden has finally insisted that he has led an energetic campaign in recent days, while Donald Trump has done “nothing” except “drive around in his golf cart” at his lavish Florida home with his “rich friends.”

The Republican candidate has made a habit of openly mocking his Democratic opponent during his rallies and acting like an old man on stage.

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Some Republican supporters mocked Joe Biden, who, according to them, has a more tanned complexion, accusing the US president of overusing bronzer. A way of apparently retaliating against the nickname “Orange Man” given to Donald Trump by some of his opponents.

The US president’s camp is happy to hear he is so combative.

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For example, one of the Democratic nominee’s campaign spokesmen posted a message that read, ‘This will silence those, like me, who want him to step down by November 5th.’

Joan Favreau, a former pen of Democratic President Barack Obama, was not convinced by Joe Biden’s intervention this morning. A consideration