July 18, 2024

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The California couple complained after the test equipment transfer

The California couple complained after the test equipment transfer

A couple in Los Angeles filed a complaint Monday against a clinic that specializes in testing equipment (IVF) after realizing that two fertilized eggs had been exchanged and another family had given birth to a baby.

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Their lawyers say that when Daphne and Alexander Cardinal first saw their baby in September 2019, they immediately noticed that the girl had darker skin and hair than the rest of the family.

“Genetic testing revealed that the baby Alexander and Daphne were several months old when they were born had no genetic link to them. Their baby was a biological child of a complete stranger,” Biefer Wolf continued.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles court, the unmarried couple’s fetuses were allegedly exchanged, implicitly negligent, and the woman who did not donate was fitted with an egg.

After this error was discovered, the couple got used to it and decided to withdraw their genetic child, which has now been formalized by the courts.

But this error left traces and suffering, the cardinal couple argues in their complaint, which asks for compensation.

“The birth of our daughter must have been one of the happiest moments of my life. But I was immediately shocked that I did not recognize her, ”said Alexander Cardinal.

“When the truth came out, relocating children made it even more sad. Losing a child you know is truly an impossible dream for a genetic child you don’t know,” she says.

IVF involves the fertilization of the egg in the laboratory with the sperm, which is then implanted back into the mother’s uterus. This procedure is often used by couples who have difficulty conceiving, and it involves donating an egg, sperm, or both.

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