July 17, 2024

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ChatGPT for Mac is now available to everyone

ChatGPT for Mac is now available to everyone

You can now use ChatGPT more easily on your Mac computer. OpenAI’s popular AI chatbot is available to all macOS users, the company announced on Tuesday. The app was first announced ahead of Apple’s WWDC 2024 conference in June, where the two companies jointly announced integrations between OpenAI’s chatbot and Apple’s operating systems for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

On the latter platform, users can quickly invoke ChatGPT using the Option + Space keyboard combination after installing the new ChatGPT app.

This makes accessing the AI ​​chatbot instantly familiar to macOS users who regularly use other keyboard shortcuts like Command + Space to bring up a pop-up search bar to access Spotlight Search. But instead of traditional search, they will have access to a wider world of knowledge, just a button away. Once launched, ChatGPT appears as a chat interface overlaid on top of the screen.

OpenAI’s launch of a macOS app at the time of the original announcement was somewhat overshadowed, as it arrived alongside GPT-4o, a groundbreaking AI model that promised more advanced intelligence, including the ability to handle not just text and speech but also video. . (Its multimodal capabilities and ability to understand media give the AI ​​model its name; the “o” stands for “omni.”)

The ChatGPT desktop application was announced in Same press releaseAs a new application for free and paid users. The company noted at the time that it could be called up using a simple keyboard shortcut and users could also take screenshots and discuss them directly in the app. Users can upload other files and images via the macOS app as well, as well as talk to ChatGPT from desktop and search their past conversations.

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The app has been slowly rolling out to Mac users, starting with Plus subscribers, but today the company announced… Share on X It is now available to everyone.

This isn’t the only integration of OpenAI with Apple devices. At WWDC, the two companies announced a more expansive deal that will also see Apple customers gain access to ChatGPT from their iPhones and iPads, including through Siri and among other areas that can be assisted by AI, such as writing tools. These integrations are also powered by GPT-4o and will be rolled out to Apple customers later this year with the launch of Apple’s latest operating systems.