February 25, 2024

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Chiefs-Chargers: Justin Reid is most proud of the Chiefs ‘sticking together’ in Thursday night win

Chiefs-Chargers: Justin Reid is most proud of the Chiefs 'sticking together' in Thursday night win

For long periods during its six-decade history, it has been Kansas City Chiefs He had no culture built on success. But when coach Andy Reed arrived in 2013, the team began building such a tradition – a tradition in which players participate anticipation to be successful.

During the team’s crucial climax match against Los Angeles Chargers Thursday evening, that winning culture was tested. With a 10-0 dip by the middle of the second quarter, the two headliners went into the first half trailing 10-7. But after the Chargers advanced 17-7 to start the second half, Kansas City scored 20 unanswered points en route to 27-24 victory.

“You know, nobody rocked,” recalls wide receiver Justin Watson, who spent the first four years of his NFL career with Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “That’s the great thing about being in a tournament organization like this: you expect to win. So we get to where winning is the norm – [and] We knew we would be back in the game.”

“The best thing we did today was [that] “We stuck together as a team,” noted Safety, who spent the first four years of his life, Justin Reed. for him career with Houston Texas. “No one hit each other’s tail. We stayed together. We kept playing the next play. When the crunch time came, the players put on big plays.”

Watson made one of the big plays Reed mentioned, pulling a 41 pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes that started coming back in the third quarter. But in this game, a novice reserve cornerback made the play important. Early in the fourth quarter, seventh-round quarterback Jaylen Watson tricked Los Angeles quarterback Justin Hebert into making an ill-advised throw that Watson intercepted at the goal line, returning it 99 yards for a touchdown that gave Kansas City a 24–17 lead.

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“That’s what it’s going to be,” Reid said. “We know we are in the toughest league in football. It will be like that with every West Asian team. We know we have a goal on our back too – so we know we will get the best shot for every team. We will be ready for that. We have to go out and perform. “.

Linebacker Willie Gay Jr. said: These attitudes continue to build the character of the team—which will be a key component of the President’s continued success as they navigate a historically challenging timeline.

He said, “When you get to the end – match time – and you face that situation again, you know, we’ve been through this situation so many times. It’s a familiar area for us. So we knew how to deal with it. We went ahead and did what we were supposed to do. “.