July 21, 2024

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Coffee Talk, Afterlove EP creator Mohamed Fahmy is leaving

Coffee Talk, Afterlove EP creator Mohamed Fahmy is leaving

A screenshot from the Indie World show in December 2021 depicting Coffee Talk creator Mohamed Fahmy, who is presenting his next game, Afterlove EP with Indonesian studio Pikselnesia.

It is with a sad heart that we must report Mohamed Fahmy, author of the beloved visual novel Barista coffee talk A prominent figure in the Indonesian game development scene, he passed away over the weekend. He was 32 years old. The cause of death has not been determined at this time.

The news was confirmed via Twitter via Fahmy’s account, where a few days ago He posted a video of his cat gently chewing on his left ear And the Praised Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who died on 25 March. A tweet from his account on Sunday, written in Indonesian and reportedly about his sister, announced Fahmy’s tragic and sudden death.

Many people in the gaming industry shared their feelings about Fahmy’s death. Ramy Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer, described Fahmy as “wonderful soul‘, while Roll7 designer, Anisa Sanusi, Senior UI/UX Designer, said it’sPositive effect“To a lot of people. Hasan Hadi, president of PlayStation Studios Malaysia is also based Praise Fahmy on Twitter, saying that the writer and designer was “one of the brightest stars” in the industry and a constant source of inspiration. Then there was the guitarist and There are no straight paths The guest of the composer Ezz Al-Samad, who Dedicated performance to a beautiful machine In memory of my understanding.

Meanwhile, Toge Productions, the independent Indonesian studio that produced coffee talkAnd the He wrote a brief and sincere greeting to my understanding, saying that he hoped that all the good he created would “live” with us forever. at separate statement for IGNA Toge Productions spokesperson said the studio was “devastated” by the tragic news.

A screenshot from Coffee Talk of a full cup of coffee and an ashtray populated at a table with a folded newspaper and what appears to be a book and magazine.

Fahmy is best known for his design and writing coffee talka narrative adventure game about a Barista throws coffee at aliens and goblins In the fictional city of Seattle. according to LinkedInFahmy worked as a game designer at Gameloft for just over a year, where he was largely responsible for debugging and maintaining gaming performance on mobile devices. Fahmy bounced back a bit, and did some editorial games in writing as managing editor for Tech In Asia Indonesia, before making his mark on the industry with coffee talkreleased in January 2020. Fahmy left Toge Productions in December 2019, independently under the moniker “Fahmitsu” and working with Indonesian studio Pikselnesia on the ghost-adventure game. What then. Fahmy’s next match, a A slice of life adventure called AFTER LOVE EP, was due to be dropped this summer, although his condition in the wake of these events is unknown. In addition, Toge Productions is currently working on sequel to coffee talkslated for release sometime this year.

Kotaku Reach out to Toge Productions, his family, and Pikselnesia for comment.

May God have mercy on him, Mohamed Fahmy.

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