May 21, 2024

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Crimean tourists drop out of a Russian air defense system site near Yevpatoria

Crimean tourists drop out of a Russian air defense system site near Yevpatoria

Online espionage tracks the location of the Russian air defense system from tourist picks

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Pictures showing Russian weapons were taken in the area of ​​Lake Trikli (Solon) near the village of Molochny. The Russian air defense operation in this area was reported from August 19-20.

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OSINT researcher Benjamin Pittet drew attention to a photo of air defense systems that a VKontakte user posted in late July. The photo contained geographical coordinates showing that the photos were taken near Molochny. There are also other photos of the same system on the Internet.

The photos were taken 1.5 kilometers from a field on the spit between Terekli and the Black Sea. It was confirmed that the equipment seen was an S-400 air defense system.

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The satellite image service also shows traces of the likely location of the air defense system from space, with signs of activity in this area starting around July 15, after which the number of wheel tracks visible in the field increased.

Meanwhile, explosions shook Ukraine Crimea occupied by Russia During the past two weeks. Explosions occurred in several Russian military installations.

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