July 18, 2024

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Crisis in Ukraine: Putin orders his military to enter pro-Russian territories in Ukraine

Crisis in Ukraine: Putin orders his military to enter pro-Russian territories in Ukraine

On Monday, Vladimir Putin ordered the entry into separatist territories in eastern Ukraine after recognizing the independence of his military, which could lead to war with Kiev.

Two decrees of the Russian president recognizing Donetsk and Lukansk’s “People’s Republics” are asking the Ministry of Defense for “Russian Armed Forces (to ensure) peacekeeping operations” in these regions.

These documents do not specify a timetable for sorting or its size, each of which takes one page and is published on the site of the Russian database of legal texts.

Russia has had tens of thousands of troops on Ukraine’s borders for weeks, and Western nations say they are ready to invade their neighbors.

Vladimir Putin on Monday acknowledged the independence of pro-Russian separatist regions in eastern Ukraine, saying there was a danger that the West would set fire to the dust as it feared a large-scale Russian offensive.

“I think it is necessary to take this decision, which is long overdue: the immediate recognition of the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the People’s Republic of Luhansk”, he said in a televised speech, after which the Russian parliament “ratified this decision” and affirmed friendly and mutual aid agreements with the two republics.

“Leaders” of the self-proclaimed “republics” of Donetsk and Lukansk ToOn Monday Mr. to recognize their sovereignty. Had called for Putin.

The move marks the end of a vicious peace process under Franco-German mediation that restored these territories to Kiev’s control in exchange for wider autonomy.

After all, it opens the door to the deployment of Russian troops in these territories at the request of local authorities, so it will be legally recognized by Moscow, and in the name of “protection” of Russian citizens living there.

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According to Washington, the announcement comes amid growing signs of war in Ukraine, where more than 150,000 Russian troops have been waiting for weeks at gunpoint.

Russian allegations

Since the Westerners made this decision Mr. They tried in vain to stop Putin.

Recognizing the independence of the separatist regions is a “unilateral breach” of the 2015 Minsk Accords aimed at resolving the situation there, ahead of the official announcement by Mr. After the meeting with Putin, Mr. Scholes warned.

The European Union (EU), which has repeatedly threatened to impose tough sanctions on Moscow in the event of a military occupation, said on Monday it was “ready to face” the Russian presidency if it follows the path of recognition.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) held an extraordinary meeting on Monday to try to resolve the crisis around Ukraine, with its secretary general calling for “dialogue.”

Mr Macron spearheaded efforts to mitigate European efforts Ukrainian crisisElizabeth summoned a Security Council on Monday evening to examine the new situation.

At the end of an insane day in which Moscow repeatedly raised allegations against Ukraine came the announcement of the separatists’ future recognition: the destruction of the border post, the infiltration of a group of “saboteurs” in which five members are said to have been killed by Russian forces. .

Kiev has categorically denied the allegations, saying they were part of a Russian effort to create a pretext for military intervention.

Appeal to the UN

Ukraine faces UN threat of invasion Called for an “immediate” meeting of the Security Council.

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Tensions, which have been steadily rising in recent months, have been rising for three days since 2014 following renewed clashes in eastern Ukraine between Kiev and separatist forces.

However, Mr. Paris announced on Sunday evening that it had broken its promise to co-ordinate with Putin and US President Joe Biden.

But on Monday the Kremlin showered this optimism, calling such a meeting “premature.”

The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, said he would meet with his US envoy, Anthony Blingen, in Geneva on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Mr. Putin once again accused the West of “using Ukraine as an instrument of conflict with our country,” which “represents a serious threat, too big for us.”

“War, real”

On the ground in eastern Ukraine, clashes continued on Monday, with Kiev announcing about 15 shelling attacks by pro-Russian rebels, in which two Ukrainian soldiers and a civilian were killed.

Insurgents, meanwhile, say three civilians have been killed in the blasts in the past 24 hours, with unconfirmed claims from independent sources.

Russia promised on Monday that at least 61,000 people had been “expelled” from separatist areas.

“This is the real war,” said Tatiana Nicolina, 64, who was among those taken from the Donetsk region to the Russian city of Daganrok. “They have not been able to find a compromise, which is why they are continuing.”

Moscow and Kiev have blamed each other for the violence, which has killed more than 14,000 people since the outbreak in 2014, following Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula to Crimea.

The Russians deny any plans to invade Ukraine, but promise that Kiev will never join NATO.

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