June 15, 2024

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United States: The girl was found alive 2 years after her disappearance

A little girl who went missing in July 2019 has been hiding under the stairs for so long.

Paisley Schultz was found alive by police Monday night in Socrates, New York.

NBC News reports that after receiving specific information, the authorities responded to a residence in the city.

An investigator found the child eager to look down the stairs leading to the basement.

“Our officers removed several wooden planks and then they saw the baby’s feet. After removing several more steps, the girl and her abductor were found. The place was small, cold and damp,” police said in a statement.

There must have been some sort of room set up for him when he was four years old when little Baisley went missing.

The child who was found to be in good health was handed over to relatives.

When he went missing in the summer of 2019 from the village of Kayuka Heights in New York, police suspected his parents were not in his custody.

Despite repeated visits to the home of Kimberly Cooper, Kirk Schultz Sr. and Kirk Schultz Jr., investigators did not find the girl.

The kidnappers, who are accused of criminal interference in child care and endangering the child, are expected to reappear in the coming weeks.

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