June 17, 2024

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Crude racism | The Journal of Quebec

There are still those who say that references to racism and discrimination are exaggerated when looking at American society. To qualify immediately, it is enough to talk about the subject from a distance I woke upAmerican anti or ticker-shit.

Yet for decades two issues have been a regular feature in my daily American news: guns and race. Sometimes if there are some bright spots, the punishment of the police officer who killed George Floyd or the amount paid to the relatives of the victims of the Remington Sandy Hook massacre by arms manufacturer (a historic first), it always seems to me. Progress is particularly slow or things are stagnant.

Racism emerged on Wednesday in its most obvious form during the second trial assigned to the three murderers of young Ahmed Arbury. I have already booked two tickets for this dark story, In May 2020 And In October 2021. After nearly escaping justice, all three were eventually found guilty.

Why a second trial? Because this time they have been charged with hate, which is a federal affair. An arbitral tribunal of eight whites, three blacks and a Hispanic jury will determine whether the perpetrators’ actions were racially motivated. They were found guilty of murder, but this time their motives will be focused on.

The trial began on Monday and steps to identify the trends are still early, but if what we were told on Wednesday was any indication of the thinking and leanings of the three, the discussions could be brief.

The Washington Post All three shared the content of news posted on social media. It expresses a strong racism. For one, it is unacceptable for her daughter to interact with a man of color. He refers to this colored man using the word that starts with n.

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Another is to admit that he and his friends spent their days committing hate crimes. Another “approval” is that he loves his job because he can do it without dating anyone.

In addition to the news on social networks, the lawyers also shared the content of the phone conversations, which helped one of the defendants to know that there would be no problem in killing all black people. There are many tragic comparisons between people of color and monkeys.

You do not have a dream and you do not travel time. At no time are these reprehensible comments actually mentioned in the 2022 trial.

Although it is obvious that the three Arbery killers are racists, the hard part for prosecutors in this investigation has not yet come. It is one thing for all three to be racist, but it is another to prove that it was racism that prompted them to prosecute and then kill Arbery.

The story of Ahmed Arbery, like that of George Floyd or many before him, is very sad and shows us a face of racism we have never seen. There is one more chapter to be written in this story. What will the content be? We will find out in the next few weeks.