June 17, 2024

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Lack of truckers contributes to stockouts

The epidemic continues to affect retail supply, and the trucking industry is often left alone with supply delays.

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Still, in His latest statementOur journalist Richard Latendresse was able to prove that truckers are the only link in a North American supply chain, and that problems return to ports such as Los Angeles.

But the road transport sector is an integral part of the supply chain and is in its final stages for a variety of reasons.

First, there is a shortage of labor and carriers are struggling to hire drivers. The American Trucking Association estimates a shortage of 80,000 long-distance trucks will increase the shortage of 160,000 drivers within 8 years if the current trend continues.

“Because the government pays you, the country pays you, it’s more advantageous for drivers to stay home than go to work, and they extend it for a very long time,” says Will Cyprian, a transport operator. Company based in California.

The truckers I met in Iowa at the world’s largest truck stop also feel that their work is not for everyone. You have to travel a lot of kilometers to believe that you will get a good profit and the tables will be hard, especially for those with family.

“When I have to cross the border, I stay away from home for at least two weeks,” says one.

While some individuals argue that providing competitive pay and better working conditions is enough to attract more drivers, the truth is not always so simple.

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Some companies like Cyprian Trucking have started doing it and are now experiencing its effects.

“We have increased the driving wage from $ 18 to $ 30 per hour in six months. Whatever the company, it is financially unsustainable. It raises the price of everything, and in the end what happens is that the customers, in the end, pay for it, ”agrees Will Cyprian, the company’s director.

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