June 15, 2024

Westside People

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Our journalist was still chased by protesters

Although the Ottawa Police Department seems to be cracking down on protesters by handing out leaflets warning them to leave the city, nothing seems to have happened at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Our journalist Yves Poirier, who came to see the situation in the national capital, insulted him, surrounded him and attacked him by dozens of protesters who prevented him from doing his job.

Many tried to catch his microphone and closed the camera lens.

There were many protesters in Wellington Street, no police did not intervene in this area. Five minutes later a group of police officers was spotted a few blocks away.

Mario Dumont, who witnessed the situation, could not believe it.

“The Ottawa police chief who resigned yesterday, we understand why, it seems that this morning it is not better. It’s hard to imagine the scenes we see. Intervene immediately and evacuate people immediately! The tolerance of incompetent police, especially in Ottawa, lies in doing what journalists are strictly forbidden to do! ”

*** Watch the sequence in the video above. ***

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