May 22, 2024

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David J. Becker: Who Is This '80s Playboy Called To Testify Against Donald Trump?

David J.  Becker: Who Is This '80s Playboy Called To Testify Against Donald Trump?

Donald Trump's trial in New York began Monday in connection with the former president's bribery of porn actress Stormy Daniels, and journalists already following the case are expecting merciless smear campaigns.

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Olivier O'Mahony, the US-based correspondent for the Paris race, put the people called to testify against Mr Trump on the background of Le Bill.

Donald Trump's former “friend” David J. He first explained that the prosecutor agreed with a tabloid editor named Becker. He will thereby be sworn in to testify against the former president.

Oliver O'Mahony explains that David Becker is “a colorful person”.

“He has a slightly high-pitched voice and long, thin hair. He's a “playboy” from the '80s and we can see him hanging out with Donald Trump like thieves, he notes. It's really the same type of character. “

Mr. He says that Becker was known for ruling his press corps with an “iron fist” and that the journalists who worked for him felt that he was an “almighty god”.

“Once we touch Becker's Friend (FOP), we always have to be very careful,” the journalist maintains.

“So Becker was actually a friend of Donald Trump, and he calculated that by offering him services, he could sell more magazines,” Mr. O'Mahony said in an interview.

From friend to foe

David Becker now finds himself on the other side of Donald Trump's desk as he testifies in the former president's impeachment trial.

According to his reports, Mr. Becker “promised to be Trump's eyes and ears” during the 2016 elections and took pains to suppress any embarrassing issues that might cripple Donald Trump's campaign, the journalist says.

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“David Becker came to the table to avoid prosecution,” he explains. According to prosecutors, she has already said under oath that she hid at least three compromising affairs from Donald Trump.

Among the stories, one talks about a “fantastic salon in which Trump claimed to have had a natural child with a former staffer.” According to his testimony, the publisher paid this man $30,000 to reject the “scoop” and therefore not publish it.

The second is about a sample of “who [disait] “Donald Trump's Mistress”, Karen McDougall, was reportedly paid $150,000 by David Becker's press team so she wouldn't reveal her secrets.

The third of course made headlines and is at the center of the investigation, the Stormy Daniels affair.

“There, publisher David Becker didn't pay, but Michael Cohen – Donald Trump's personal lawyer – that's where the shoe pinches because it's the heart of the investigation,” the reporter confirms.

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