June 16, 2024

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Dead “for a while”: A mother and her severely disabled daughter were found lifeless

Dead “for a while”: A mother and her severely disabled daughter were found lifeless

The bodies of a mother and her severely disabled daughter were reportedly found dead months later at their home in Nottingham, England.

“This is a tragic case and we are currently working to understand how and when these people died. Although our investigation is at an early stage, we do not believe what happened is suspicious,” Detective Chief Inspector Ruby Burrow of Nottinghamshire Police said on Wednesday.

Police arrived Tuesday morning at a home in Radford after concerns were reported about two residents, a mother and her daughter, who neighbors said were non-verbal and unable to move without assistance.

It was then that two bodies were allegedly found in the compound of the derelict property, its garden strewn with weeds and rubbish and flies visible in the window.

According to a neighbor who did not want to be identified, the girl was “totally dependent on her mother” and both had been missing for months. They used to go grocery shopping together and exchange a few polite greetings with neighbors as they passed.

“They were a mother and daughter, they lived alone, the daughter was severely disabled – I’ve never personally seen her walk before. It’s very sad, especially if they’ve been dead for a while. I didn’t really know them,” said 43-year-old George Pinteni, who lives in his home. Mun saw them go regularly.

According to British media, an investigation has been opened to shed light on the situation, with police seeking the help of a forensic pathologist to try to explain the sequence of events that led to the deaths of the two women.

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