July 16, 2024

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Death of French singer François Hardy

Death of French singer François Hardy

With the departure of François Hardy, who has died at the age of 80, he was a discreet artist, an icon of the sixties and a figure of French song with international aura, he disappeared.

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His son Thomas Dutrank announced his death on his social networks on Tuesday evening.

“Mom is gone,” he posted online alongside a photo of himself as a child with his mother.

In America Magazine’s 200 Greatest Singers Rolling Stone In 2023, François Hardy was the sole representative of France.

Cancer appeared in his life in 2004, taking many forms and giving him a nightmare.

The artist agrees Paris competition By 2023, she wants to “get out quickly and quickly, without many challenges like being unable to breathe.”

He was in favor of euthanasia, as AFP in 2021: “It is inhumane to allow an incurable person to suffer intolerably until death.”

What memories will there be? His success All men and womenHis gentle voice, Jodi People The intrigue he developed with Jacques Dutrang… but not only that. She was also an ambassador of French and pop elegance internationally, a “feminine ideal” for Mick Jagger, a fantasy figure of Bob Dylan or David Bowie.

It all started in 1962 with this instant hit – over 2 million copies sold – All men and womenShe wrote and composed music, a rare phenomenon at the time.

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She is 18 years old and this is her first post. Françoise Hardy, all the odds are there: she’s breaking in the middle of the Yee wave, but doesn’t really fit this label.

In this carefree period, her depression stands out: “Yes, but I walk the streets alone, with a broken soul / Yes, but I walk alone, because no one loves me.”

Her androgynous physique and her restraint are a far cry from the forms and exuberance of Brigitte Bardot. But it foreshadows the slimmer models that will soon invade the catwalks. And she soon made the front pages of magazines, photographed in France by her lover at the time, Jean-Marie Perrier, and internationally by the famous William Klein.

She has long hair, bangs – which she later kept with her childhood cut – and wears futuristic lamella dresses designed by Paco Rabanne.

“Personal Message”

So his best love story is called Dutronc, which also rocked now Charts with Me and me and me (1966) They have a child, Thomas, who is a singer. But their relationship takes a disillusionment between the teacher’s betrayals athlets – the affair with Romy Schneider – and the distance he imposes on the woman who becomes his wife. In their Parisian building, before separating (without divorce), they lived on two separate floors.

From this bitter married life permeated all his works Special newsA huge hit from 1973, composed with Michael Berger, There is no one elseThe title of the last eponymous album in 2018.

Among other nuggets, we can, among others, quote My friend Roja (1964) or How to say goodbye to you By Serge Gainsbourg (1968). Adaptation of this section Saying goodbye hurts By American Margaret Whiting.

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But that’s the hardy version – used in a rhythm Dance – Jimmy Somerville, former Bransky Beat frontman, twenty years later.

album questionUFO, made with a Brazilian tuca, is one of Etienne Dahoe’s bedroom recordings, who became a friend of the snowy-haired singer as he grew older. Time of love echoes in the film Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson, former frontman of the Smiths and Morrissey, did not leave an interview unquoted.

“substantial test”

Not bad for a young Parisian – raised by a mother with his sister – he got his first guitar at only 16 and first approached a record company after a small ad he read in the press.

“All my life, I’ve been searching for beautiful melodies. Listening to it puts me in seventh heaven,” he told AFP in 2018. “The most beautiful melodic themes are always melancholic or romantic.”

And he soon left the stage, saying that singing was not natural to him.

This astrologer opened up about her cancer. And the idea of ​​ending.

“Death is only the body, which is a material essence. When dying, the body releases the soul, which is the spiritual essence. But the truth is that the death of the body is a considerable trial, and I fear it like others,” he told AFP.