April 20, 2024

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[EN IMAGES] 106 dogs seized from one home in Blainville

[EN IMAGES] 106 dogs seized from one home in Blainville

106 dogs were rescued Thursday from a large apartment complex in Plainville soiled with feces and urine, apparently from a breeding ground.

“We went to over 100 dogs that were caught,” said Vanessa Coulombe, spokeswoman for the City of Blainville Police Department.

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

In the morning, officers obtained a search warrant to enter a residence on rue de Cheverny in the Fontainebleau district.

This is an opulent house worth $700,000.

The police, along with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), were mandated to catch several dogs that were exceeding the municipal bylaw limit.

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

Unless you have been granted a permit by the city, you cannot keep more than four animals, including a maximum of three dogs or three cats.

The action was taken on Thursday after an anonymous citizen lodged a complaint with the police.

On three floors

As we said, authorities expected to find twenty dogs.

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

“There were actually more dogs than we initially thought,” Acting Lieutenant Coulombe dropped.

According to the police lady, there were 106 puppies and adult dogs on three floors of the house. According to our information, three floors were subjected to the atrocities of these large-scale animals.

Apart from urine and excrement, the litter on the floor, the animals were in a great state of neglect.

A good proportion of rescued dogs include French and English Bulldog breeds and Goldendoodles.

Some of them can sell for $2000 to $4000.

A sales platform

The owner of the house that was searched was Michael Ethier, 27 years old.

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

Gestin is also the owner of Ethier et Fils Inc., which owns a commercial building on Boulevard Curé-Labelle in Sainte-Thérèse.

Bouchard Bulldogs inc. currently for sale in this building. There is a company registered under the name, in which his mother, Brigitte Bouchard, is clearly involved, though not a shareholder, according to court documents. Newspaper.

The woman appeared in court on behalf of Bouchard Bulldogs in a dispute over an English bulldog sold for $5,000 on a website under the company’s name.

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

Already known

Brigitte Bouchard, her husband and their other son already made headlines last December.

Executives of a foot care clinic in Saint-Thérèse were fined nearly $150,000 after pleading guilty to six years of tax evasion.

Martin Alary / Montreal Journal

No one was arrested and no tickets were issued yesterday in connection with the seizure of the dogs.

– With Philippe Langlois