May 19, 2024

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Rape and murder: Last moments of 3-year-old girl caught on camera

Rape and murder: Last moments of 3-year-old girl caught on camera

A tragic video showing the last moments of the life of a 3-year-old Paraguayan girl, who was murdered and raped by her mother after being sold in exchange for drugs, has gone viral on social media.

Footage captured on Friday, April 21, shows young Luz Maida being swept away by her mother’s boyfriend in the middle of the night after the deal was completed.

24 hours later, Luz Maida’s body was found by a neighbor in an abandoned house. She was covered in a sweater and made to sit on the bed.

Aurelia Salinas, 42, allegedly sold her daughter for $17 worth of crack.

In the video extract, the girl can be seen trying to free herself from the grip of the man who carried her in his arms. He managed to get out of the house and put the child on his shoulders. He hits her with his hand to keep her still.

According to preliminary reports, the girl died due to suffocation.

Local media say citizens tried to kill the mother after she confessed to the crime. The boyfriend has confirmed that he killed the girl.

Aurelia Salinas, along with her husband and a 17-year-old boy believed to be involved in the case, were arrested by police. The 42-year-old mother, who was under the influence of multiple drugs, was not worried about her daughter’s fate.

The family of Aurelia Salinas, a mother of eight who allegedly allowed a 30-year-old man to sexually assault her 12-year-old daughter, is no stranger to tragedy, investigators said.

Nearly 300 people attended Luz Maida’s funeral.

The investigation is ongoing.

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