June 15, 2024

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Disneyland Parades and Characters Members vote to join the Actors’ Equity Association

Disneyland Parades and Characters Members vote to join the Actors’ Equity Association

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) – Members of the Disneyland parades and characters voted to join the Actors’ Equity League, the union announced Saturday.

Nearly 1,700 cast members perform in parades and as characters at the Anaheim resort.

The X Actors’ Equity organization said the final vote tally was 953-258 in favor of joining the union. They refer to the union as Magic United.

The employees cast their votes, under the supervision of the National Labor Relations Board, between Wednesday and Saturday.

The union says it has a “good working relationship with Disney.” Workers were seeking better wages, benefits, schedule, and working conditions.

“This is an amazing victory, and we appreciate all the support we’ve provided over the past few weeks,” Actors’ Equity Association President Kate Shindel said. “We’re excited for this next phase.” “These members are pro-union and pro-Disney, and they look forward to meeting with their employer across the bargaining table in a good faith effort to improve the business and guest experience.”

Voting applies only to Disneyland. Theatrical performers at Walt Disney World in Orlando are already with the union. Most of Disneyland’s 35,000 employees are already represented by various labor organizations.

There is a time period of several days to submit any objections, and if no objections are submitted, the results will become final.

Disneyland officials declined to comment on the vote, citing the next procedural steps before the results become official.

A Disney spokesperson said: “Although voting is complete, there are still steps in the process before the election is certified, so it is too early for the company to comment on the results.” “Whatever the outcome, we respect that our staff members have had the opportunity to have their voices heard.”

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