June 20, 2024

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Joe Budden addresses Diddy’s assault video being cut from podcast

Joe Budden addresses Diddy’s assault video being cut from podcast

Joe Budden

Cut the video clip of the attack, Didi…

Didn’t give him proper care

Joe BuddenHe explains a controversial segment on a recent episode of his podcast… diving into why he edited a segment about DidiHe confirms that it is not in Didi’s pocket.

The hip-hop commentator says he was live on “The Joe Budden Podcast” on Friday when CNN reported the video From Didi’s assault Cassie From 2016. The episode was uploaded on Saturday with the description that Joe promised to discuss.

But he never touched on it…he edited the entire clip. Angry fans demanded answers, and JB organized a discussion on Twitter Spaces to address the controversy.

Watch the clip… Budden calls out the group for fueling conspiracies – he’s afraid of Diddy or owes him in some way – before coming face-to-face with the accident.

As we mentioned, Budden says he was halfway through the show when the news broke, and he spent about four minutes discussing the video, intending to release it in full to the public.

But, after chatting with collaborator Imani, Boden says he realized they weren’t addressing the issue in a meaningful way, with all the necessary care it deserved… so, they decided to delete it.

All that said… Budden makes it clear he’s not running from the topic — adding that he and the crew will do a deep dive on Wednesday, and asking fans to calm down.

Joe ends his speech by saying that he has no relationship with Diddy or anyone in Diddy’s orbit…which puts as much distance between him and the Mongols as possible.

A 2016 video shows Sean “Diddy” Combs assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura in an altercation that matches some of the allegations in the now-settled lawsuit. https://t.co/fYUQ2z2MYN

-CNN (@CNN) May 17, 2024

Naturally, video of the incident caused a flood online yesterday…with a whole host of major stars Call Diddy repeatedly hits and kicks Cassie in the clip. As we told you, the police will not charge Didi with a crime because of the statute of limitations.

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We only have a short wait on Wednesday…and it looks like Bowden is preparing for an extensive discussion.

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