June 15, 2024

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Do the three “i”s of RN’s victory foreshadow Trump’s victory?

Do the three “i”s of RN’s victory foreshadow Trump’s victory?

Christian Armanpour called on CNN to describe Jordan Bardella, head of the National Rally for European Voters, and Christine Okrent, prime minister of a coalition government, to summarize the factors that led Donald Trump and the Republican Party to victory. Next November:

“It’s not the most important ability. In fact, Donald Trump is living proof that voters don’t care much about ability. In France, I think it boils down to the three “i’s” of inflation, immigration and irritation. Irritation at Macron and his condescension to intellectual and articulate people. »

The irritation of the American people may not have the same source as the French, but it is certainly there. In the United States, the question is whether the fourth “i” doesn’t weigh in the balance in November: anger. Outrage at the idea of ​​voting for a criminal who has not even been tried for the most serious crimes he has been accused of.

But if Trump wins, the three “i”s Ockrent mentioned will play a decisive role.

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