April 21, 2024

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Trump accused Jews who vote for the Democratic Party of hating Israel and their religion

Trump accused Jews who vote for the Democratic Party of hating Israel and their religion

Donald Trump has already accused American Jews who did not vote for him, of disloyalty to Israel and him, given all he has done for the Jewish state. However, the former president this Monday criticized Jews who vote for Democrats, accusing them of hating Israel and their religion.

I think they hate Israel. said During an interview with Sebastian Gorka, one of Trump's former advisers, Trump referred to Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and other Democratic officials who recently criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Any Jew who votes Democrat hates their religion,” he added. “They hate everything about Israel, and they should be ashamed of themselves, because Israel will be destroyed. »

Trump went on to say that Schumer criticized Netanyahu for trying to get votes from pro-Palestinian protesters in the United States. The New York senator is America's most powerful Jewish politician as Senate Majority Leader. He is also reputed to be one of the best defenders of his country of Israel.

“I think it's about votes because he's always been pro-Israel. Today he's very anti-Israel,” Trump said.

Throughout the long history of anti-Semitism, Jews have often been accused of disloyalty to their country of citizenship.

Jonathan Greenblatt, director of the Jewish group Anti-Defamation League, condemned Trump's comments. According to him, “accusing Jews of hating their religion because they might vote for a particular party is slanderous and patently false.”

The White House and Joe Biden's campaign team was added Their grains of salt. “There is no justification for spreading toxic and false stereotypes that threaten our citizens,” a White House spokesman said. “Donald Trump openly denigrates American Jews and thinks Adolf Hitler 'did good things,'” a Biden campaign spokeswoman said, referring specifically to comments made by his former employers office to Trump.

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In the face of an outcry over Trump's comments, the former president's campaign team hit back, saying the Democratic Party had “become a truly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic and pro-terrorist group.”

PS: Schumer's reaction: “Making Israel a partisan issue only hurts Israel and US-Israeli relations.” I work bilaterally to ensure that the U.S.-Israel relationship endures for generations through peace in the Middle East. »

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