May 21, 2024

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Dodgers’ NLDS list does not include Craig Kimbrel

Dodgers' NLDS list does not include Craig Kimbrel

The Dodgers announced their NLDS roster today, with the right hand Craig Kimbrel Not making the cut. Here’s who did it…

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The Dodgers are in postseason for the 10th consecutive season, and NL West has won in each of those seasons except last year. However, 2022 was the most impressive of the group as the club went to 111-51, the highest winning total in franchise history. They will now face class opponents, competing against Padres in a best of five series.

Kimbrel’s removal from the list is the latest move in what has been a very mercurial part of his career. From 2010 to 2018, Kimbrel was one of the sport’s most dominant hitters, reaching 1.91 ERA while 41.6% of hitters hit a standoff and made 333 hits.

However, since then, it’s been a rollercoaster for the right. He was awarded a qualifying offer by the Red Sox after the 2018 season, which he turned down. He remained on the open market all the way through June, eventually signing with the Cubs once the draft was already implemented and no longer tied to forfeiting the draft pick. After missing nearly half of the season, Kimbrel struggled that year by rolling out a 6.53 ERA, then again battled the shortened 2020 campaign for the pandemic with a 5.28 ERA.

In the first half of 2021, he appears to have put the train back on the tracks, clocking 0.49 PM on 36 2/3 runs, and trading from the Cubs to the White Sox. However, the pendulum swung the other way after the trade, with Kimbrel scoring 5.09 ERA after moving through town. However, the Sox picked his $16 million option before trading him with the Dodgers for AJ Bullock. Kimbrel scored 22 saves for Los Angeles but he made it in the end he moved The closest turn came in September and now appears to be down enough on Bullpen’s chart to be ruled out of supplement plans, unless the injury opens up a place for him down the streak. He has 3.75 ERAs per season, with a strike rate of 27.7% above the league average but well below any of his previous seasons.

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Kimbrel’s exclusion may actually say more about the Bullpen Dodger than it does about him. Overall, the club’s underdogs scored 2.87 ERA this year, second only to the Astros, although the Los Angeles football game scored 85 2/3 more rounds than Houston. Combined with the starting quality, elite attack and solid defense, it’s not hard to see how this year’s best baseball team has been.