June 6, 2023

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Does the US have enough ammunition in case of a war against Russia?

US Chief of Staff Mark Milley warned on Wednesday that a war between the US and another major power would lead to “extraordinary” munitions consumption and that the country must ensure it is prepared.

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Ukraine and Russia have used large amounts of artillery ammunition since Moscow invaded its neighbor in February 2022, raising concerns about U.S. stockpiles that have supplied Kiev with large amounts of ammunition.

The “incredible consumption of munitions” is a “great lesson” from the conflict in Ukraine, which remains a “limited territorial war”, General Mark Milley said.

“If there is a war on the Korean peninsula, or a power struggle between the United States and Russia, this consumption will be extraordinary,” he added.

“We still have work to do to make sure our (…) stocks are ready” to deal with all scenarios, Mark Milley said.

Gabe Camarillo, a senior Pentagon official, said earlier in the day that the US is investing in making more artillery ammunition.

Camarillo said the country wants to produce 155 mm caliber ammunition, spear missiles and ammunition for missiles and Himars precision rocket launcher systems.

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