June 20, 2024

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Donald Trump Ban Canada?

Donald Trump Ban Canada?

Donald Trump could be barred from entering Canada, according to a historic ruling handed down on Thursday.

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Immigration lawyers confirmed to TVA Nouvelles that technically, the former president’s conviction prevents him from entering the country.

To cross the border, Mr. Trump must obtain a temporary residence permit, which the immigration minister has the discretion to grant or not.

With the G7 summit scheduled to take place on Canadian soil in 2025, the question is likely to be raised next year if Donald Trump is re-elected.

And the former president’s conviction did not go unnoticed in Ottawa.

The matter was on everyone’s lips on the corridors of Parliament on Friday.

Justin Trudeau has yet to issue a statement, but other federal elected officials have indicated they are concerned about the social climate in the United States and the potential effects of the test north of the border.

“It worries me,” agreed PLC deputy Joel Lightbound. “What worries me most of all is the climate of self-perpetuation: the kind of climate where we always distrust everyone.”

“When we doubt the authority of the court by saying it is biased or that it is not objective, this is not very good for a democracy,” declared Louis Plamonton of the Bloc Québécois for his part.

“This is unprecedented, but will have an electoral impact,” said Liberal MP Don Vandal.

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“Obviously, we’re following this closely because we know that regardless of the U.S. government, we have to work with the U.S. government to protect the interests of Quebecers and Canadians,” declared Minister Jean-Yves Duclos.

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