June 14, 2024

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Will Donald Trump Go To Jail? Two eminent lawyers speak

Will Donald Trump Go To Jail?  Two eminent lawyers speak

Two top lawyers in the US justice system responded Thursday to Donald Trump’s guilty verdict.

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Noting that they do not believe a prison sentence will be imposed on July 11, they also spoke about the sentence that awaits the former president.

“I think it’s highly unlikely that he will be sent to prison,” said former U.S. Attorney Frederick D. Davis said.

“An average person who’s not a former president or a presidential candidate, a person with a clean criminal record, a convicted fraudster, is generally not going to be sent to prison,” explains lawyer and former assistant attorney general in New York, Stephen L. Dreyfus.

The latter, however, expects a harsher punishment, perhaps a punishment served at home with an electronic bracelet.

“The unanimity of the jury exerts maximum pressure on the judge because if the jury is divided […] “The judge will be tempted to be very lenient,” said Mr. Dreyfus maintains.

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